Day One of #100DaysOfCode

I made it, I broke it, I made it again!

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As mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to follow along with Traversy Media's tutorial called React JS Crash Course 2021 for my first project.

Brad Traversy is the instructor and according to his website, he is also the owner. The thing I loved most about the start of this tutorial is that he took his time to go through the basic project setup steps for beginners like myself. I could have read along like other tutorials require but I am more of a visual learner. Along with that he provides additional information that answered my questions, "What is React?" and "What's it good for?". In my opinion, having that information is beneficial to learning the framework(or library if you prefer to call it that). He pointed out the need to know the basics of JavaScript and APIs. Along with that he showed how to download and install the required Node.js(NPM) and the recommended React Dev Tool Chrome Extension. Once he gets you setup he starts guiding through building of the application. I got all the way to creating the Button Component which is at 38:18 minutes. It was there that I decided to pause for the day.

Now on to the fun and funny part. I had setup the repository for this that was connected to my GitHub however yesterday I made changes. Today I forgot about those changes and attempted to commit what I had built today only to get an error message saying my email didn't match. While trying to fix that error I ended up deleting everything I had done. All that work, gone! So I could have hopped on here and told you all about it and then just attempted to build it again tomorrow but Momma ain't raise no quitter. It is now rebuilt up to the point I initially left off(header & button are done). Tomorrow I will work on finishing up building the Task Tracker. Feel free to keep track of this React Task Tracker Repository as I make it better!

Day1-Button Component.png

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